• Hillsong - We're All In This Together (DVD+CD)
The I Heart Revolution: We're All in This Together is a documentary film by Hillsong United and the second of the three-part "The I Heart Revolution" project. The film was released in cinemas for one night only in the US and Canada on November 4, 2009. According to their website, part one, With Hearts as One, is about the confession of their lips, while part two, We're All in This Together, is all about their action. With Hearts as One debuted in Canadian theatres as a one-time show on May 21, 2008, because that was "the first place of [their] tour". The feature length documentary filmed over a period of 3 years, The I Heart Revolution: We’re all in this Together follows the worship band, Hillsong United, as they travel across 6 continents 42 nations and 93 cities in a cross-culturaljourney of music, animation, interviews and live action documentary as they realise every story of hope, love, loss and sacrifice ultimately points to the one story.

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Hillsong - We're All In This Together (DVD+CD)

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