• FlyWheel (DVD)

FlyWheel tells the story of Jay Austin (Alex Kendrick), a crooked used car salesman who sells his cars at a ridiculous mark up.  His cheating business practices know few boundaries, as he even scams his own minister.  Jay’s corrupt business practices pollute his home life:  he is rude and dismissive to his wife and basically ignores his son.  All of this, of course, is just a symptom of his greater, spiritual illness.  He does not place God first in his life, he does not pray or go to church regularly, and when he does attend church, he places an empty envelope in the offering plate.

All of this comes to a head when Jay overhears his son tell a friend that he does not want to be like his dad and that, basically, he is ashamed of him.  To top it off, though he sells cars at a great profit, he is behind on his rent for the lot and on repaying a bank loan.  After watching a television sermon, Jay feels convicted, breaks down, prays for God’s guidance and forgiveness, and turns his business over to God, his “new boss.”  Along with Jay’s commitment to good business practices and willingness to return all the money to the customers he cheated before, a series of “miraculous” events saves Jay’s business.


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FlyWheel (DVD)

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